How to Upgrade Your Nintendo 3DS SD Card

Congratulations, you’ve either just bought a Nintendo 3DS or you’ve owned one for a while and just found out after downloading a tonne of games you have run out of space on your SD card. Well don’t worry because you can upgrade your SD Card to a bigger size and not lose all of your data. Whilst Nintendo have an official guide, it doesn’t carry across everything you’d expect it to, whilst this guide will help you move ALL of your data over and even explain how to use cards larger than the officially supported 32GB. Upgrade from the 2GB or 4GB SD Card that came with your system to something even larger.

Nintendo only officially support SDHC cards up to 32GB in size, but SDXC cards work too allowing you to use 64GB and even 128GB SDXC cards, more than enough space to keep you in Nintendo games for years to come.

If you are upgrading to a SDXC Card carry on reading. If you are upgrading to any other card skip to ‘Transferring Your Data’.

SDXC Card Upgrade

Your SDXC Card needs to be formatted in Fat 32.

1. Place your NEW SD Card into your computer.

2. Go to My Computer, find your SD card and make a note of the Drive letter of the card. eg (F:)

3. Click the Start Button in Windows, type in the search CMD and hit enter format. You’ll then be presented with a Dos Screen. Type /FS:FAT32 X:

BUT replace X With the the Drive Letter for your card.

Then hit enter. You may need to hit enter again if it asks you to name the card (you don’t have to name it)
This process may take some time depending on the size of your card, possibly hours.
Format SD Card

3. Once formatted remove your card and then move on to ‘Transferring Your Data’.

Transferring Your Data

1. Put the old 3DS SD card into your computer.

2. Create a folder on your computer and copy everything from the card to it. To do this select everything, right click, copy. Then paste it into the new folder you made on your computer.

3. Put the new SD Card into your 3DS and turn the 3DS on, it’ll initialise the card for you whilst you wait for your data to copy over.

4. Once the data has finished copying to your computer and the new card in the 3DS has initialised, take out the SD Card from your computer and put in the New SD Card into the computer that is currently in your 3DS.

5. Open the folder that you copied your old data too and copy the data and paste it into the root of the new card. If you are asked to overwrite any folders or merge any folders select yes.

6. When the copying of data has finished, open up a folder on your new SD Card called ‘Nintendo 3DS’. Inside this folder will be another folder with a huge string of letters and numbers for its name which you will need to open.

7. Inside this folder with be two more folders with long random file names. One of these folders is tied to your old SD Card, the other is tied to the new card. Right click on the first folder and go to properties. Make a note of the file size. Do the same for the second folder. Once you know which folder is the largest (this is the data tied to your old SD Card), open it up and copy the data. Now paste that data into the other smaller folder, make sure you Merge & OVERWRITE everything in that folder.

8. Put the new SD Card into your 3DS and ALL of your data should now be carried over.