Not Your Average Gamer

For most of the gamers I know, gaming has been part of their lives for as long as they can remember.  They grew up with family members or friends who gamed, and it became part of their lives pretty naturally.  I’m pretty much the opposite of that scenario.  The first 23 years of my life were gaming free, I had never played a Wii, Xbox or any form of PS – and honestly, I had no desire to, so when my best friend attempted to get me into gaming, I was dismissive.  Actually, I was pretty derisive and happily mocked his gaming obsession, content in the knowledge that I would never find myself yelling “die, die, DIE!” at a character in a game….at least that’s what I thought.

Somehow, my friend’s persistence must have broken my subconscious because one night I found myself online ordering a DS Lite and a couple of games – NSMB and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.  I’ll save my reaction to my first games for another time, but a couple of months later, my DS was followed by a Wii, and a few months after that, I bought a PS3.  I had never actually played a PS3, but I had started to learn a little bit about games, and I knew that I wanted one.  I think I justified every purchase by telling myself, “it’s okay, you can sell it on ebay if you don’t like it”.

Despite 3 consoles in a matter of months, I still thought of gaming as something to do if I had a bit of time, I didn’t really commit to any game, I lacked patience in learning the controls, and I didn’t know what kind of games I liked.  Two games changed that: Chrono Trigger, and Uncharted.  I’m more than a little obsessed with Chrono Trigger, and playing it made me realise I love RPGs.  Uncharted, I fell in love with.  It was the first PS3 game I completed; it was the game in which I realised uncovering a lot of ammo means you’re about to get your ass handed to you; it was the first game that made me yell “DIE!!” with great passion.  It was also the game that taught me just how differently someone new to gaming, and someone who has been gaming for years look at things.  One example?  My frustration at vines that looked climbable but were actually just part of the scenery.

I’m still pretty new to gaming, but I’m becoming less of a n00b, and developing new obsession all the time.  Hopefully getting the perspective of someone new to gaming will be entertaining for the long term gamers, and comforting to anyone else just getting into this!  Any suggestions and recommendations are welcome, so send them my way!

Gilly is a 25 year old gamer who spent almost 24 years oblivious to gaming and gamers, but with the help of her best friend realised what she was missing out on. Gilly loves RPGs, her ps3 and currently refuses to go anywhere without her 3DS. Her ambition is to discover her latent superpowers which, thanks to Marvel, she believes are her divine right as a redhead.