Retro Review: Burnout 2

This republished review was originally written in 2002, this review is unedited and appears as it did back then. We hope this review gives you an idea of how the reviewer felt at the time and at the end you’ll see a small review from today where you can see how well the game held up over time.

Crashes, insane speeds and insurance claims? Yes you’ve guess it burnout is back on Ps2 in the new sequel Burnout 2 point of impact. So what can you look forward to in this game that you didn’t get from the other. Well first of all, handling a bit better then a cross channel ferry this time. If anyone played the first burnout you know what the cars were like to drive, handling worse then a Volkswagen Van at 180 mph. The handling has been improved so you can play the game now with some skill but that’s just the first of many changes.

First of all there is a Burnout school that gives you a little bit of training before being let out onto the road. This does help you a lot if this first time at the game and brings to light the extra features. Also For all you Fast and Furious fans out there, yes you guessed it NOS. This little turbo boost really adds more fun to the game as you start to make some of the worst crashes that you have ever seen. In the last game you just had to race, but the game developers picked up that a lot of people were just crashing the cars for fun. They have added a whole section for trying to get the most money out of the insurers by destroying as much as possible. And I have to say that have done this really well. Its one of those fun little parts in the game you can take your anger out of after being stuck on the M25 for two hours on.

This game doesn’t limit you to being stuck in your room playing for hours on your own, now you can trap your friends in the same sort of hypnosis as the multiplayer mode is a big point of the game. Whether just racing or trying to crate worse and worse crashes you and you mates will be hooked. All though most racing games now have so much that you can do to the car like changing engine, buying parts etc, this doesn’t have any. Which I found helped with its pick up and play aspect and allows you to get on with the game rather then shopping for parts that you have no idea of what they do and what there for this allows that pace of the game to keep up with your want of carnage.

The game graphics are very good and looks like they have made a hybrid of two game engines. This is the original burnout game engine and Tony hawks 3 engines. You can see this when the helicopter fly’s over you’re crash and films your wanton destruction. Although there are no bugs and the graphics are stunning especially in the bullet time replays that you now get.

The sounds let your believe that you in the car and make you want to hit the NOS button repeatedly for the cool little sound it makes and the music helps you keep you thumb on the X button. Although some times the music does in parts remind you of Dawson’s creek though I suppose most of us can live with that because rest of the music does do the game proud. Also the sound effects have nice little touches like when using NOS the music turns into some erratic guitar solo, which I found is quite cool. This is one of those games that you can complete in a week but it will have you and you mates going back for more carnage and destruction.

And when you’ve got tired of destruction you can unlock new cars and types of games including cops and robbers point to point racing and other games. Although the game does come short in a few aspects. Some of the racetracks are very limited and you do get a sense of going around in a very small circle after a while but hey you can’t have it all as they say. They could have made this game better with a few more crash course or perhaps even a crash mission editor. Although I could pick at this game and highlight its every flaw or I could get back to playing it again Hmmm let me think.

2012 Re-Review

Burnout 2 is just as amazing as ever. In fact its still the best pure Burnout game there is with a pretty much perfect Crash mode (that Criteon keep trying their best to ruin) and fantastic tracks. The track design has never been bettered as they allow you to grab perfect lines whilst avoiding a huge amount of on screen cars. Graphically it holds up, whilst not as shiny as games 10 years its junior it still looks great, has a good draw distance and the crashes are as epic as ever. If we had to buy one burnout game from the series it would be this without a second thought. Whilst it only supports 2 player head to head, cops and robbers works better than the online version in Burnout Paradise. Its a shame the xbox version has lost is online score boards but its still the version to get with slightly better graphics, custom sound track support and more crash junctions.