Super Mario 3D Land Review

Mario is back once again, it must have been only a week since we played his last adventure but now he is back in 3D on the 3DS. Super Mario 3D Land takes the classic New Super Mario Bros gameplay and adds some depth to it, literally. This game is a great introduction to 3D gaming for those DS and Wii gamers who love Mario’s 2D gameplay but can’t get their head around his 3D galaxy adventures.

Whilst this isn’t a radical departure for Mario it takes all of his adventures and tweaks them to perfection. The game starts as all Mario games do, with Princess Peach once again being kidnapped by Bowser with Mario having to once again rescue her. Nintendo have looked back at the classic games and have given Mario some classic power-ups with the Tanooki suit amongst others. Whilst Mario can no longer fly he can float slowly to the ground helping out less skilled gamers to play the game.

The levels are filled with some fantastic 3D effects showing off the depth and height of the levels. This is classic 2D mario with a 3D twist and it works perfectly. The levels are filled with lots of nice little touches from hidden rooms filled with coins and power ups to alternative routes. We love the graphics in this game, they are perfectly Mario and filled with detail. The 3D effect has never looked better, it seems Nintendo have finally figured out how to make the 3D perfect.

We can’t forget the music either, filled with classic tunes older gamers will get a kick from the little touches and flourishes from classic games. The game can be completed fairly quickly but its filled with an additional 8 worlds for the more hardcore gamers, 3 coins on each level to find and golden flags to get at the end of each level.

We think this is Marios best adventure yet, if you haven’t got a 3DS go out and get one with this game, you won’t regret it.