The Top 10 Sonic Levels

Sonic Generations is out today and features some amazing remakes of classic Sonic levels. But whilst every level is pretty much loved there are a few more levels we’d have liked to have seen in the game. Heres out top 10 sonic levels, some of which feature in Sonic Generations as remakes and others we hope to see as DLC or in sonic generations 2.

10. Emerald Coast – Sonic Adventure

The first level in Sonics first proper 3D adventure. Originally released on the Dreamcast, Emerald Coast features the blue skies Sega games are famous for with one of the most amazing set pieces in gaming. A giant whale chasing sonic and smashing through what ever gets in its way to get him. Why it attacks Sonic we don’t know but its one hell of an experience to enjoy. The level is full of happy little moments from the dolphins at the end jumping over Sonic as he completes the level to the waves laping at the shore.

Like most Sonic games, this is an amazing first level and is one of the most polished. Its amazing to look at and offers all sorts of speed runs too. In fact Sega released some DLC contest speed runs just for this level. You can find it in the 3DS version of Sonic Generations but we hope for a console version.

9. Chemical Plant Zone – Sonic 2

Everyone knows Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2. The 2nd set of levels in Sonic 2, they take the new spin dash mechanic and put it to good use. With multiple routes offering all sorts of spin dash potential this is one of the fastest zones out there. Tonnes of loops and big drops mean even the camera can’t keep up with Sonic’s speed. But its not all about speed, with hidden areas and fun but tense water sections this zone has it all.

8. Pirate Storm – Sonic And The Secret Rings

By the time you reach this level, Sonic should be up to speed to handel anything. Sonic and the Secret Rings has you level up sonics speed and jumping abilites over time and you’ll certainly need them for this action packed level. Set at night in a stormy sea, its a real graphical tour-de-force for the Wii as waves smash over broken boats and everything goes off at once. You’ll get the chance to jump on a rock at fly through the air as cannons try to take you down.

Add in some old school tough platforming and an awesome soundtrack and you’ve got a great level we’d love to see again.

7. Star Light Zone – Sonic the Hedgehog

Some people would argue this should be number one as it is one of the best sonic levels out there. Slowing down the game play by making you cautiously jump and plan where you are going it brings a nice change of pace from faster paced sonic levels. It really allows Sonics platforming to shine along with enemies that take a bit of time to kill. Theres some neat twists on the gameplay with fans slowling you down or speeding you up. But the reason most people love it, is for the music. Go and check it out now and you’ll fall in love with it too.

6. Ice Cap Zone – Sonic 3

Did you know Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic 3 were originally meant to be the same game? It explains Sonic 3s lack of levels but it does mean Sonic 3 got an amazing level in Ice Cap Zone. Starting off with Sonic snowboarding down the side of a mountain you start off on top of the mountain before ending up inside. Snow obviously slows sonic down but there are some nice ice sections that are almost too fast. Just like Star Light Zone this level has fantastic music and is often linked to Micheal Jackson who at one point was meant to be writing the music for Sonic 3. It turns out he did do some work on the music initially before being dropped, but his influences can still be heard.

5.Casino Night Zone – Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic 2 is full of great levels and Casino Night is our favourite. Not so much a level but as an interactive casino the level is filled with bumpers, flippers and all sorts of other pinball related features. You can even have a go on slot machines winning loads of rings or losing everything. A fast, fun and action packed level, its bright colours and theme are just wonderful. So great is the level it even inspired Sonic Pinball on the GBA.

4. Green Hill Zone – Sonic The Hedgehog

The original and the classic Green Hill Zone in Sonic The Hedgehog. This is the first level most sonic fans got to experience and what a joy it is to play. Filled once again with blue skies and another amazaing soundt track, this level teachs you the basics of sonic. Offering up your first baddies, rings in televisions, invincibilty and running shoes. How could we forget the loops, this is what set Sonic apart from Mario at the time, the speed, the graphics and the loops. No fat plumber could ever get around them.

Filled with hidden televisions, springs and lives there are lots of routes to explore this wonderful level.

3. Metal Harbour Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Adventure 2 has some of the best 3D sonic levels out there and metal harbour is up there as one of the best. Once again featuring the iconic blue skies of Sega games this sees sonic racing through the level to get on a shuttle just before it launches. Full of set pieces from alarms going off to jet fighters dropping bombs on you it is 2 and a half minutes of pure mayhem and action.

The level ends with a pure treat with sonic ‘snowboarding’ down a metal tube on top of a piece of rock collecting rings and lives along the way.

2. Speed High Way – Sonic Adventure

The best 3D sonic level so far? Quite possibly. We love it, starting off running high above the city on multiple highways filled with loops you quickly end up being attached to rockets, helicopters all whilst avoiding police cars and other badnicks. But it gets better. At one point you reach the end of the level, inside a building with no where to go, standing on top of a glass floor that breaks. You’re hurtled down the side of a huge building where sonic manages to run down it vertically. Pure adrenaline rush moment the level comes to an end with you exploring a bit more of Sonic Adventures city scape at ground level. Also featured as a remade level in Sonic Generations, its a fan favourite.

1. Death Egg Zone – Sonic 2

We believe this is the greatest Sonic level in existance. Its probably one of the simplist levels as well, there are no platforms or even rings, if sonic could run it it’d take 10 seconds to clear. So why did we pick it as the best? Firstly behind its simplisity is two of the best boss fights ever. First you face off against Metal Sonic who has razor sharp spikes and one tiny weak spot. Did we mention you have no rings either? With a bit of patients and skill he can be dispatched and then its on to fight Dr Robotnik face to face. Except Dr Robotnik doesn’t fight people his own size, he has his own special robot thats the size of a house with rocket fists and jet packs. An amazing boss battle and a wonderful end to a game.

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