Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3d Review

Zelda Ocarina of Time came out originally for the N64 in 1998. It became known as the best game of all time and for many people still holds that title today. So does the 3DS version take an already great game and make it better? Lets find out.

If you are reading this review then you most likely have an interest in the game or series already so we won’t go into detail explaining the characters or plot but if you have never played a Zelda game before you can’t do much better than this. Zelda OoT for short sees you playing as Link on a journey to save the world from evil forces. An action RPG of sorts you’ll need to battle enemies, talk to friends and solve puzzles to make your way through the world.

We’ve already told you the N64 version is known as the best game of all time and nothing changes here. The story, the levels and even the puzzles are all identical. Instead what we’ve got here is a bit of a face lift. Textures have been upgraded, character models and scenery have been given more polygons, the audio has been made clearer and we also have a lovely 3D effect thanks to the 3DS. The game looks how you imagine the N64 looks in your head. Go and take a look at some N64 screen shots and you’ll have forgotten how blurry and simplistic the game looked at times.

The controls work pretty well with the pause menu items have now been put on the touch screen, allowing much quicker access and extra buttons to hold your items. Using the sheild is a bit more troublesome thanks to the placement of the 3DS triggers but isn’t too bad. The best control though is the gyro scope. Now when in first person view you can move the 3DS to change your view point. Whilst we hate it in other games, it works extremely well here, although you can use the circle pad if you prefer.

As mentioned the game is pretty much an updated remake of one of the best games ever made. If you’ve played the N64 version to death you won’t find much new here except for the Master Quest mode after you complete the game which messes with the difficulty and puzzles but would you really have been all that happy had they changed the game in any way? Of course not. We’re glad its still the best damn game ever, now with better graphics.

So if you are a Zelda fan or even a new 3DS owner you owe yourself to pick this up. New gamers will become addicted to the story, action and world whilst older gamers will fall in love with the game again.